Many of our supporters on IG have asked to see the lovely Kung Pao, so here are some updates!
A while ago we posted a message to ask supporters to donate supplies for Kung Pao,
And we received so much support!
It was very endearing each time that we received a delivery with "To Kung Pao" written on it.
Thank you to all for your love and care towards our senior animals!
A few days ago, Kung Pao’s foster reported to us that Kung Pao’s seizures have become more frequent, whereas in the past he was more stable during the warm summer months. So we scheduled a vet appointment for a checkup and we are awaiting test results.
There are a lot of older dogs and cats currently with the TSPCA.
Even though they are older, we still hope that they will be able to find a forever home. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us!
Animals currently for adoption:
Contact us: (02)2738-2130
Or email: