Taiwan SPCA inspectorate received a report of 3 newborn kittens found in a cardboard box left to fend for themselves. TSPCA inspectors immediately started the investigation process and contacted a nearby security guard, who noted that the kittens were discovered by a person who wanted to help them, therefore put them in a box with some water and moved them next to the security guard.  The person said they would return the next day to take them to the animal shelter.  The night was cold and the young kittens were forced endure the cold winds and elements.
With the assistance of the TSPCA inspectors, the kittens were taken to the vet for temporary care. Sadly, due to their weak immune systems and hypothermia developed due to the cold winds, the kittens died.

TSPCA strongly recommends that if you ever find kittens (or puppies) that seem to be abandoned, the best thing to do is to wait, don't’ touch or move them right away.  The mother could be around, or hunting for food, so by moving the kittens, you could be putting them in danger. If there is any human scent on the kittens, the mother could abandon them; and she herself could also be faced with health problems due to a build up of milk in her teats. Wild and stray baby animals best chance of survival is to be with their mother, eating mothers milk every 3-4 hours.

If you ever come across kittens or puppies that appear to be abandoned, please make note of the following before making any rash decisions:
1.    There is nowhere for them to be protected from the elements
2.    There are vehicles nearby which could injure the animals.
3.    There are dogs or other animals nearby that might hurt the animals.
4.    The animals have obvious injuries or are in obvious need of medical attention.

If none of the above are observed then the best thing to do observe the animals at a distance and not disturb them. The mother is most likely out hunting, which usually never takes more than half a day. While you’re waiting, you can make note of if the babies appear to be clean and groomed, this would also indicate that their mother is still tending to them.

If after a day the mother doesn’t return OR the babies are in immediate danger now would be the time intervene. Place the kittens in a secure box with cloth or newspaper to keep them warm and take them to a vet clinic straight away. After a vet checkup, the best thing to do is keep them at a vet who can care for them 24 hours a day OR take them home yourself to care for them until they are big enough to eat on their own.  Taking them to a shelter is not ideal due to the lack of space and staff to care for them, not to mention the possibility of the spread of disease.  The vet can teach you how to feed babies, and any other special needs they might have.  Once stable and old enough to be moved around, posting on social media to look for fosters and adopters is the best way to find them homes.