Before the Chinese New Year in 2016, when several cold fronts struck Taiwan, our investigation department received a report about a mixed Husky being tied to an outdoors gazebo in a mountainous area of Taichung. The dog had no protection from the cold, rainy, and windy weather. The informant spent a lengthy amount of time trying to communicate with the owner to improve the dog’s living condition, but to no avail. Therefore, Taiwan SPCA inspectors took over the case. Because at the time there was a strong cold front approaching, the informant also reported the case to the Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office for additional assistance.

After a co-investigation between the Taiwan SPCA and the Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office, we found out that the owner was an elderly man who was handicapped; therefore he lacked the ability to properly take care of the dog. Other than the mixed breed Husky in the small arbor, on the premise there were also two other mixed dogs and two rabbits kept inside tiny cages, with feces and leftover food scattered all over. The Taiwan SPCA requested that the Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office confiscate all the animals as soon as possible because these animals did not have an adequate living environment and the owner was not able to take good care of them. At first, the elderly man insisted that these animals were kept as guard dogs and refused to give up his ownership. However, after a lengthy negotiation process with the man, he eventually agreed for us to take his animals.

Taiwan SPCA would like to thank the informant, Taipei City’s Love Rabbit Organization, and the Taichung City Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office for working together on this case.

As a reminder to all pet owners, it is the responsibility of the owner to provide adequate food, water and sufficient living space for the animal. If you see any animals being kept in an unacceptable condition, you can try to communicate nicely with the owner or report such activities to the SPCA or your local government animal protection office.  

The two rabbits have been passed to Taipei City’s Love Rabbit Organization for rehoming, and the three dogs are all currently at the homes of our foster volunteers, waiting to be adopted. They are no longer smelly and dirty, and are now very healthy. Come and learn more about them and their unique personalities.

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Brad from the arbor

*Animal Protection Act:
Animal Protection Act Article 5
1. Provide adequate food, water and sufficient space of activities for the animal.
2. Pay attention to the safety of the living environment; including shelter, ventilation, lighting, temperature, and cleanliness.
5. Animal cages must meet or exceed the minimal space that permits reasonable freedom of movement and normal postural adjustments.Must provide the animal with sufficient out-of-cage exercise time.
6. If the animal is restricted by a leash, rope or a chain, the leash, rope, or chain shall be longer than the length of the animal’s body, and shall allow the animal to stretch, and move around. The collar shall be safe, comfortable, and loose enough as to not hurt the animal. Must provide the animal with sufficient exercise time away from the chained area.
7. Animals should be moved to shelters or safe areas during dangerous situations such as natural disasters, and be given the chance to escape freely from danger.