Recently, our investigations department received a report regarding a protected species, the Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis). A Tainan resident took a young Northern Goshawk home and tied its foot to a ladder. The goshawk was seen repeatedly struggling and hanging in midair as it tried to fly away. In addition, the man did not provide the bird with enough food and water, and the bird was forced to stay on the roof, on the ladder, as the temperature rose to 38 degrees celsius. The informant tried to report the case to the government but received no response; therefore, he called the Taiwan SPCA for further assistance.  

Taiwan SPCA immediately contacted the related authorities in Tainan City and was informed that the Agriculture Bureau and 7SPC (The Seventh Special Police Corps) have already applied for a warrant. Since our report, the bird has been rescued and confiscated by the government. Right now the bird is being trained for release back into the wild.  Since the northern goshawk is an endangered species, the case has been transferred to the prosecutor’s office for investigation, as the man has violated the Wildlife Conservation Act Article 42, disturbing or abusing protected wildlife.

As a reminder, when you come upon wildlife, do not bring the animal home with you. Not only does it violate the law, the animal may have infectious diseases and parasites and may spread zoonotic diseases. The feeding of Wildlife requires professional medical knowledge and experience, even general veterinarians are not able to handle these animals effectively. Therefore, when you come across wildlife, stop and observe them quietly or walk away slowly. If you find out that the animal is injured or in a dangerous situation, report the situation to the local authorities immediately and stay there to guide and help the rescue staff. By following this procedure, not only can you protect yourself from the attack of wild animals, but it is also the most efficient way in helping an injured wild animal.

TSPCA appreciates the immediate action from the Tainan City Government Agriculture Bureau and 7SPC. TSPCA would also like to thank the informant who reported the case to us, which led to the rescue of the northern goshawk.

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