Taiwan SPCA 並無政府補助也因此依靠的是民眾捐款及自行舉辦募款活動。我們 一直都擁有著一個 「積少成多」的理念,而其實我們相信這個社會擁有許多愛心的人士,愛心的廠商願意支持動物保護的工作。我們希望能夠與店家合作,一同宣導關懷動物的理念並提供民眾一個簡單的方式來參與公益並盡力的給予捐款協助。因不同店家有不同的顧客需求¸每一個店家可以不同的方式執行 $5 募款活動。


  1. 捐出一小部份的收入或服務費給TSPCA
  2. 在結帳時請服務生詢問顧客是否願意做出$5捐款給TSPCA
  3. 擺放SPCA 捐款箱並請顧客直接投入捐款
  4. 舉辦公益日,當日的部分營收捐出幫助動物
    Taiwan SPCA 與愛心店家都非常感謝顧客們的愛心¸但是我們永遠不會強制性的要求每一位都

As a NGO, the Taiwan SPCA relies on public donations to support all of our animal protection work.
We believe there are many kind-hearted and generous people and companies who support animal
welfare and charity work. We hope to partner with local businesses to spread the word about animal
protection and to invite people to make small donations to help us continue our fight against animal
If you own a business, you may consider the following ways to join our $5 Campaign:

  1. Donate part proceeds or part of the service fees from your business to the TSPCA
  2. Train your staff to ask customers if they’d like to donate $5 to the TSPCA when they are paying
    their bill.
  3. Place a TSPCA donation box in your store and invite customers to make a donation
  4. Hold regular ‘charity days’ where part proceeds from the day will be donated to the TSPCA to
    help more animals in need.
    The TSPCA regularly promotes our $5 Campaign on our FB page, website, and in our bi-monthly
    newsletter. We hope to let our supporters know who our partners are!
    Please email: support@spca.org.tw to discuss partnership opportunities!

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